Our experience with the Roots midwives team has been overwhelmingly positive. We looked forward to each appointment and felt that the midwives each took the time to truly get to know us. Information was presented to us during each visit in a very methodical and clear manner, and there was always plenty of time for us to go through our list of questions. We were able to quickly develop a trusting relationship with the midwives in which we felt that our voices and wishes were both heard and respected.

When it came time for the birth of our son, we felt so safe under the care of our midwives on that day (Lydia and Anna). They persevered for many long hours through the night, helping us to bring our sweet baby into this world in the comfort of our home.

The follow-up care was amazing - we were so grateful for the home visits and to be under their close watch... Their guidance for breastfeeding was incredibly valuable for us.

When it comes time for baby #2, we would feel so lucky to be under the 'wing' of the Roots midwives!" –A&R



We accessed Roots for the pregnancy and the birth of our second child. I ended up having complications with my pregnancy requiring a hospital admission and additional monitoring. The midwives were awesome during that very scary time - always available for questions, support, and to coordinate with other care providers. Their support continued throughout my labor and after we brought our baby home.  Every concern or request we had was quickly addressed in a very emotionally supportive way. My partner and I felt that our family was very well looked after and would highly recommend this wonderful group of midwives! –K & J

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