Janice Forman, RM, IBCLC

My practice as a midwife arose from a deep call of the heart. My life’s work is to be in service to the wellbeing of women, babies, families, and communities. What started as a passion for science, women’s health, and natural healing, has since been shaped and strengthened by my own experience of giving birth and of becoming a mother. I am grateful for the countless moments of witnessing the extraordinary and sacred in this work.  


I have been in practice as a midwife since 2000. I received my education at Maternidad La Luz, in El Paso, Texas and Ryerson University in Toronto. After completing my training I worked in community-based practices in the US and Ontario. In 2006 I moved to glorious BC and for the following 11 years practiced in Vancouver and Squamish.


My priority is to develop a trust relationship with a client that attends to the unique needs of each woman’s childbearing experience.  I am committed to a woman's right to be the primary decision maker in her care and advocate for information and choices to be provided in a safe and respectful environment. I bring close to 20 years of clinical experience combined with evidence-based practice to support and guide my clients through this pivotal time in life.  As a Certified Lactation Consultant, I emphasize nutrition, breastfeeding and emotional support for new mothers and babies.  I have a personal passion for studying cultural traditions surrounding the early postpartum period. 


When I am not catching babies, I enjoy witnessing my daughter and garden grow, eating cheese, and going on adventures in nature with my partner and our two dogs, Cassie and Little Bear. I look forward to caring for you and your family!

(I am happy to offer my services en Español)