Beth Ebers, RM, MH, McAc


What drew me to midwifery initially were a profound trust in Nature, and a fascination with Birth as a natural process. I had a fundamental love of people and a deep wish to be calmly by their sides as they went through the physical, emotional, even spiritual
transformations of childbearing. I also recognized the importance of approaching a baby’s first moments on earth with gentleness and reverence. And I trusted in the ancient tradition of midwifery that offered families choice, support, and expert care.

I have been attending births for over 20 years. I approach this work from my heart, with the passion that drew me to it initially, and I continue to be both humbled and inspired by the families I work with.

I began my studies in midwifery in the mid 1990s, prior to regulation of the profession in BC. I lived in the corridor at the time, and looked forward to opening a local practice as a community midwife. As regulated midwifery was not yet established in BC, I eventually left Canada to continue my education, which led me to the program at Maternidad La Luz in the USA. This marked the beginning of many adventures in midwifing, which provided me with enriching and diverse experiences. I practiced in a busy birth centre and midwifery education program on the USA/Mexico border, enjoying roles as Faculty and Clinical Co-Director, and co-ordinated our team of midwives to care for over 700 women a year. I worked at a sexual health clinic for uninsured and underserved families. I practiced as a homebirth midwife and herbalist in the Yukon providing rural maternity care and promoting women’s health in the North. I worked in community practices in Ontario (Diversity Midwives, providing outreach to families new to Canada) and the lower mainland (Pomegranate Community Midwives, an east Vancouver practice that included outreach to Aboriginal families). Since beginning practice in 1999 I have had a personal commitment to improving access to midwifery for all families.

Currently, I am Clinical Faculty at the UBC Midwifery Program, which enhances my practice by keeping me current, and allowing me to contribute to the growth of midwifery. As a co-founder of Roots Community Midwives, I am elated to be providing care to families in the corridor.

I am committed to providing responsive and personalized care that promotes your and your baby’s health. The process of creating a family presents a unique opportunity to nurture yourself: potentially in ways you haven’t imagined. Many find that pregnancy inspires the highest standard of self-care; and that the childbearing process can even be a healing experience. For those of you who are interested, I incorporate into your care my practices in the healing arts. This may include Reiki, herbal therapies (I hold a Master Herbalist certification) and acupuncture.

I find that when families feel supported, safe and listened to throughout the childbearing process, it truly enhances their experience of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Having access to the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your care allows you to enter into parenting feeling confident and capable.

One of the things I love about this work is simply engaging with you; sharing stories and information, exploring care options and witnessing you create your identity as a family. Throughout this process I support your intuitive abilities as a parent while simultaneously offering you the knowledge, skills and experience I
have gained in my years as a practicing midwife.

When I am not midwifing I enjoy being in Nature, working with plants, and spending time with my partner and daughter; who both inspire and challenge me to be my best self.